The French Iguana Yachts shipyard, a worldwide amphibious manufacturer, offers its innovative technologies to fishing fans with its new model, especially designed for them, the X-Fisher.

In the niche market of amphibious boats, the Iguana shipyard is used to adapting and anticipating to the customization requests of its customers. Therefore, Iguana Yachts affirms the diversification of its product line by tackling yet another market: fishing boats.

The X line design, sturdy but stylish, makes these boats easy to use, safe and comfortable. Thanks to the Iguana Yachts exclusive tracks, it’s a perfect solution to explore remote places and for landing on any terrain.

Did you know… The owners of an amphibious boat spend 6 times more time at sea than traditional boat owners. So less logistical preparation time means more time for your passion.

“We want to offer more possibilities to

amphibious enthusiasts around the word”

Antoine Brugidou, CEO

The X Fisher is a 30ft boat, spacious and specifically designed fishing platform, purpose built for comfortable and fun days out on the water for 12 passengers.

With a swift speed of 48 knots and 4.4 mph on land whatever the nature of the terrain (mud, rock, even slopes at 40%), the X-Fisher combines ease of use with performance to guarantee optimal safety and a feeling of freedom to enjoy your passion with friends or family.

Fishing lovers will appreciate all the dedicated equipment cleverly fitted out for them like the summer galley, the multiple integrated rod holders, and many storages with fish box. 

Throw in your provisions, tackle and bait and be on the water in seconds.

Fishing Features

Amphibious advantages

• No dock needed to reach sea. The tracks enable you to drive directly into, and out of the water.

• Safer to embark. Incidents that occur on the pontoon, with a trailer or with a dinghy are avoided.

• Built as a very capable boat. With a light carbon fiber hull Iguanas effortlessly reach speeds of 50 knots.

• Free to outing adventure. Disembark on the most remote beaches and secluded coves. The powerful tracks drive on all terrain (mud, rocks or an incline).

• Simple to Store. Park your boat directly in front of your house or safely in your garage.

• Easy & economic to Maintain. Storing on land reduces wear and simplifies maintenance.

Iguana X-100 film.
2 minutes to discover the concept with the X-100 Iguana